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Re: [dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon Submission Status

Hi Doug,

Would you agree if we merge the two 30 minute MTJ shorts to one combined 30 minute talk? (291+314) I realize that you wanted a 10 minute talk, but this is a lot of material to cover.

My intention is to have the 1hr talk to cover MTJ from a "60% developer user, 40% extender/contributor" angle. the 30 minute talk is the "continuation" of the 1hr talk, targeted to specifically extender/contributor and go into all the details of the extension points and design decisions. I feel that a 10 minute slot would not do justice, esp. if we merge it with the Sybase talk.


Gaff, Doug wrote:

Hi PMC (+ Wayne Parrott),

Here are the current submissions for EclipseCon:

What’s missing from our desired talk list:

· Firefly short talk

Potential issue: We have only 10 10-min short talk slots, but:

· There are two MTJ 30-min shorts. I would prefer one 10-min short, especially if we accept the MTJ long talk. Otherwise the coverage is disproportionate.

· There is a CDT/DSDP 30-min short. It looks interesting. I met the Wavecom folks at ESE, and they have an cool app. Doug S might have to lend us a short slot or two depending on how the submissions stack up.

Otherwise, this isn’t a bad showing of submissions.

Doug G


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