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RE: [dsdp-pmc] DSDP Webpages updated, RTSC added

Yeah, this relates to provisioning.


Dave, I think you said you’re finishing up an internal TI release on RTSC. You will need to get back to provisioning after that. Let’s talk when you’re ready.


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Subject: [dsdp-pmc] DSDP Webpages updated, RTSC added


Hi all,


As I was working on the DSDP webpages today, I made some updates:

  • RTSC added to left navbar, team-leaders, subprojects, downloads pages
  • Updated team-leaders... this was awfully out-of-date (Mika still on there)!

I also created an empty webspace for RTSC on

which has the required "About" navbar as well as some template from TM;

unfortunately, though, it doesn't work currently. This is likely because the Portal

(or Eclipse databases) have no info about RTSC yet -- Dave to follow up.

Dave do you have commit rights on the Web CVS yet? I think you should have.


As an indication, the standard about page should have MUCH more data

when the right meta-info is filled in the Portal:


While this is not yet working, I added the Wiki link for RTSC in all relevant

places. This should be replaced by the "real" link once RTSC is provisioned.




Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River

Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member



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