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[dsdp-pmc] Next Meeting and EclipseCon

Hi folks,


Sorry for not being in touch on our next meeting.  EclipseCon and my upcoming commercial release are taking a lot of time.  I also have 4 weeks of travel coming up, so I’d like to wait until October for our next meeting. 


That being said, it’s time to start working on EclipseCon 08.  I’d like to do this over email the next couple of weeks.  I am again responsible for the Mobile/Embedded Category, which has the following allocation:


4 Long Talks

10 Short Talks

3 Tutorials (2 hour slots – can be combined if desired)


As you can see, the Program Committee is pushing for more short talks this year to get better exposure and diversity of topics.  Short talk speakers will receive a 20% discount (new this year.)  The PC has also done away with separate Panel and Demo allocations, since many of the Panels weren’t very interesting.  If we really want to do a Panel, though, we should discuss.  Demo allocations can either be long or short talks.  It’s up to us.


What I need from you:


·         Would your project like a talk slot?

·         Long, short, or tutorial?

·         Do you know of folks outside our projects that would be interested in speaking?  We should recruit beyond DSDP.

·         Do you want to see a panel discussion?  On what topic?


Please respond by 9/21 (1 week).  Then we can discuss further.



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