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RE: [dsdp-pmc] RE: [] Webmaster update:SubVersion repositories, server upgrades

Looks like Martin beat me to the request.

Can we have a sandbox like this:


I'm assuming future project-specific directories would look like this:


This would be open for all committers in DSDP to play around in.


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> update:SubVersion repositories, server upgrades
> Hello Denis,
> do you know a bit more about the state of SVN support at
> (1) Is there a viewSVN server installed in order to migrate
>     web links from viewCVS into viewSVN?
> (2) Do the nightly PDE Build, i.e., Mapfiles, Ant etc. and the
>     Platform Releng Tools work with SVN yet such that release builds
>     can be made out of SVN?
> (3) Do the SVN commit logs go into MySQL databases for projec Dash
>     and the ReleaseNotesGenerator tools etc yet? Any plans to do so?
> Especially because of (2) I think it would be important to have some
> sort of sandbox where we could play with SVN until the nightly builds
> run smoothly again -- and, in case it fails, scrap away everything
> and revert to cvs. Would that be possible?
> Thanks,
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