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Re: [dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon 2007: short tutorial voting - due this week

I agree, one tutorial session for all eRCP components is the most reasonable approach. I do not think eRCP currently has enough audience for a 4hr session yet.

Mark Rogalski wrote:

It seems to me that the eSWT session is mostly a subset of the eRCP development session. In fact, for the eRCP one I had planned to cover some programming best practices anyway. So I suggest that these two sessions be combined. The question now is whether a two hour session will be enough, or whether it should be a 4 hour session. I'm leaning toward a jam packed 2 hour session. Chris and Gorkem, what do you think?


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	[dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon 2007: short tutorial voting - due this week



Your first official voting task for EclipseCon 2006 is here. We have 3 short tutorial slots and 4 submissions for them:

_ Development with the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP). _ Best practices on developing mobile applications using eSWT _ Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) tutorial. _ Using the RSE Framework for automating remote operations.

My preference is to choose one of the two eRCP-related talks. Mark, do you agree?

Let’s discuss this on the PMC list. Feel free to use the voting mechanism in EclipseZilla to cast your official vote.


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