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Re: [dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon 2007: short tutorial voting - due this week

It seems to me that the eSWT session is mostly a subset of the eRCP development session. In fact, for the eRCP one I had planned to cover some programming best practices anyway. So I suggest that these two sessions be combined. The question now is whether a two hour session will be enough, or whether it should be a 4 hour session. I'm leaning toward a jam packed 2 hour session.  Chris and Gorkem, what do you think?


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11/14/2006 10:19 AM

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[dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon 2007:  short tutorial voting - due this week

Your first official voting task for EclipseCon 2006 is here.  We have 3 short tutorial slots and 4 submissions for them:  Development with the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP).  Best practices on developing mobile applications using eSWT  Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) tutorial.  Using the RSE Framework for automating remote operations.
My preference is to choose one of the two eRCP-related talks.  Mark, do you agree?  
Let’s discuss this on the PMC list.  Feel free to use the voting mechanism in EclipseZilla to cast your official vote.
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