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[dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon Submission and Voting

Title: Submission process



As the chair of the embedded / mobile track for EclipseCon, I would like request the assistance of the DSDP PMC in selecting talks for the conference.  While it’s easy enough to just do this by myself, I think it’s more effective and open if we discuss the submissions as a group.  I would also like to include Doug Schaefer in our discussions, since CDT is typically an integral part of embedded C/C++ tools solutions (he’s already  lurking on this mailing list).  He does have his own track, though, so he’ll be able to accommodate CDT-specific talks.


Let’s discuss this in our PMC call next week.  I will try to keep the process easy and not too time consuming for you.





From: Richard Gronback [mailto:richard.gronback@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 2:04 PM
To: Gaff, Doug; Bjorn Freeman-Benson; Doug Schaefer; Tim Wagner; Scott Rosenbaum; Ed Merks; John Graham; John Duimovich; Donald Smith; Oisin Hurley; Jeff McAffer; Philippe P Mulet; Doddapaneni, Srinivas P; Peter Kriens
Subject: Submission process


Hi All,

You’ve probably noticed a steady trickle of submissions.  If you’ve not signed up for email notification for your track, you can now do so within your profile settings of Eclipsezilla.  It’s also possible to just view submissions by track in the search page.

We’ll need to agree on the process for selecting submissions in our respective tracks, given our upcoming selection deadline of November 15th for tutorials.  This process will (of course) need to be open and transparent, so I recommend we simply utilize the voting feature of Eclipsezilla.  You’ll also see a Program Committee votes link on each submission page (Eclipsezilla knows who you are).  Thoughts?

You’re welcome to work with however many colleagues you’d like to help with reviewing/voting, but you are the ones ultimately responsible for the selections within your track.  To select a submission, change its status to ACCEPTED, and likewise inform those not selected by changing status to DECLINED.  Of course, wait until after the submission deadline date to select/reject.  Those dates again are:

November 1st
- Tutorial proposals must be in.
November 15th - T
utorials chosen.
December 1st - Long
Talks and Panel proposals must be in.
December 30th - Long Ta
lks and Panels chosen.
January 15th - Short Talk
s and Demos proposals must be in.
January 30th - Short Talks a
nd Demos chosen.

And just a reminder that it’s still possible to juggle allocations within the tracks.  Just let us know if you need to make changes.

Thanks again for being on the Program Committee for EclipseCon 2007!  

Best Regards,
Richard C. Gronback
Borland Software Corporation
+1 860 227 9215

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