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[dsdp-pmc] Getting projects on Europa Train

Hi DSDP project leads,


Quick and urgent email on the Europa Train.


1.       I am volunteering Ted Williams to any of the DSDP projects that would like to get on the Europa train.  Ted is on TM/DD now, and I spoke with Mika at the Eclipse Summit about Ted helping with MTJ.  Shigeki and Mark, I’m extending the offer to you.  Europa is important because it gets your projects visible to a larger community.

2.       We have finalized the dates for the Europa milestones (link above).  I am assuming that all DSDP projects are at the +2 level (dependent on the Platform and on at least one other project above the Platform), so look at the +2 dates.

3.       We have revised the “Musts” for projects to be on the train (link above).  The Musts are what each project needs to do to be qualified for the Europa train.  I think the Musts currently listed are reasonable, but we should discuss in our November PMC meeting.


Clearly the biggest cost for most project is building and update site population.  If Ted is able to coordinate that for the projects, I am hoping this is easier for all of you.


Mika, Shigeki, and Mark – please respond if you’re on board.  Also, please point out any “Musts” that you don’t like.  Perhaps we can pursue exceptions where it makes sense (like signing JAR’s on eRCP).




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