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RE: [dsdp-pmc] ESC West 07

Thanks for the wording.  I modified my abstract and submitted today.


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I would suggest:
The Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) provides a device-sized OSGi runtime, xml parser, and rich widget graphics libraries for building mobile Java applications that run across a broad range of devices.

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Please respond to
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RE: [dsdp-pmc] ESC West 07


Hello again,
Here is my abstract for #3.  Please comment ASAP.  I’m limited to 800 characters in the abstract.
Mobile Projects in Eclipse
Key Takeaways
A good understanding of the four projects in Eclipse focused on building tools and extensible frameworks for developing and deploying mobile applications.
Basic understanding of the Eclipse Platform required.
Presentation Abstract
Eclipse usage is rapidly growing in the mobile and handheld space, both for application development and for deployment.  There are currently four Eclipse projects focused on mobile Java and C++ development.  The Native Application Builder (NAB) project provides tooling and run-time libraries for developing embedded C/C++ GUI’s.  The Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project provides tooling for building and debugging applications for Java Mobile Edition profiles and configurations.  The Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) provides a rich set of graphics libraries for building mobile Java GUI’s.  The Tools for Mobile Linux (TmL) project provides tooling for the entire mobile Linux development lifecycle.  In this talk, we present a technical and instructional overview of all four projects.
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[dsdp-pmc] ESC West 07

Hi folks,
Here’s what I’d like to submit for next year’s embedded systems conference technical program:
1.       Target Management
2.       Embedded Debugging
3.       Mobile Projects in DSDP
Martin is working on the abstract for #1.  I am working on the other two.  Can I get confirmation from Mark, Shigeki, Christian, and Mika that you are NOT planning to speak at the ESC technical program?
If not, would any of you care to be a co-presenter on #3 with me, perhaps doing a demo of your technology?
Please respond ASAP.  I plan to finish the abstracts by mid next-week.
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