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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Minutes: Thurs, Aug 3

Aug 10 is ok.

Martin Oberhuber
Eclipse Target Management Project Lead

From: dsdp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:dsdp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Gaff, Doug
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 5:33 PM
To: DSDP PMC list
Subject: [dsdp-pmc] Minutes: Thurs, Aug 3

Thanks for the meeting today.  Sorry about the technical difficulties.  Skype clearly doesn’t work well from my office.  Martin said he was happy with the sound quality of this bridge, though, so I’m willing to try it again.  This time, I’ll dial into the regular phone number.


I’ve inserted meeting notes below with action items in red.  We got through about half of the agenda.  Can we meet again next Thursday (Aug 10) at the same time?  I’ll send a separate invitation.




Mika, Martin, Shigeki, Christian, Mark, Doug




7:00 AM PDT

9:00 AM CDT

10:00 AM EDT

4:00 PM CEST

5:00 PM EEST

11:00 PM Japan



I have created a conference room that will allow more than 5 of us to attend but still allow us to use skype.  From skype, call +99008275948062.  It’s free, so you won’t need skype credit.  If you can’t use skype, here are some other numbers:


Skype: +99008275948062
US: 1-712-432-4000
UK: 0870 119 2350
France: 0826 100 266
Germany 01805 00 7620
Enter Conference Room Number : 5948062


Martin and I tested the quality.  It’s not as good as direct skype, but it’s probably usable.  If this doesn’t work, I’ll look into other options.



-          Introduction to Christian and TmL

o   Worked on OSGI prior to Motorola.  At Mot: Set Top boxes, Application management, Java Linux phones.

o   Wants to take TmL in a emulator environment direction initially

o   LinuxWorld in 2 weeks – inviting others to participate

o   Creation review goal in two months

-          Council follow up

o   Read:  Come to the meeting with suggestions for additions/corrections to the “embedded device software” section.

o   Feedback:

§  Martin: change wording of “deployment”

§  Mark: debugging integration with eRCP – debugging on a target device

§  Shigeki: C++ development – not just for mobile devices.  Run-time libraries not part of NAB.

§  Mika: ok with wording

§  Christian: will look at this now

§  Action: everyone follow up with additions/corrections, either to me or on the Wiki directly.  Please email the group either way.

-          Planning for Europa

o   Draft milestones

§  Thursday Aug. 10, 2006 - Milestone 1 (3.3 M1) - stable build
Friday Sep. 22, 2006 - Milestone 2 (3.3 M2) - stable build
Friday Nov. 3, 2006 - Milestone 3 (3.3 M3) - stable build
Friday Dec. 15, 2006 - Milestone 4 (3.3 M4) - stable build

o   Participation

§  Milestone planning in July.  Project planning in August.  First builds in September.

§  Incubation projects can participate – criteria still being established, but see the Callisto requirements ( to understand what the bar was for the last release.  Please come to the meeting with comments.

§  Need to get on the train by the end of the year (November, ideally)

§  Who’s in?

·         TM.  Definitely wants to participate in the Europa train.  They are building 1.0 end of October built against 3.2.  They want to wait until after their first release.  Will get on the train in November.

·         eRCP.  Hopeful.  They’d like to, but they’re not 100% sure yet.  They tried to align with Callisto, but slipped a couple of months.  Would add Series 60 support after their 1.0 release.  Will be ready by November, so they could sync up.  They also want to sync up platform support with 3.3.

·         DD.  Hopeful.  Need to get DSF on train.

·         NAB.  Hopeful.  Planning major enhancements after the first milestone.  Synchronize by M4.

·         TmL.  No.  Not realistic at this point, but may be able to join early next year if it’s allowed.

·         MTJ.  Not sure.  Will try for the end of year, but still worried about Due Diligence.

§  Email alias to group.  Each project will need a build representative, and we should coordinate internally in the DSDP project to help each other with the learning curve.

o   Europa Build Workshop (

§  Registration Deadline: Aug 12

§  Engineer from WR will go, likely someone from TM project.

§  Who else is going?  This is an important workshop for getting on the Europa train

·         Mika will see if they can send someone.

·         Shigeki can’t.

o   Updating your project plans and aligning with Europa

§  I think most of our project plans are stale.  Now that we’re looking at Europa, we need to get the plans updated and aligned with Europa.

§  Quick status update from all projects

·         DD

o   DSF commit

·         eRCP

o   Move to DSDP – infrastructure move is done.  Download site is pending.

o   1.0 Release review

1.       Aug 9 – shutdown process starts – only approved commits allowed

2.       RC1 3rd week of August

3.       RC2 end of August (only if required)

4.       September 6 is the latest possible release date.

5.       Schedule Release review this week, will take place two weeks from now.

6.       Qte implementation approval is complete

o   Blog – maybe setup one with Gorkem

·         MTJ

o   Still working on EclipseME contributions (due diligence).  They are hoping that it’s close to being done.

o   Will complete everything else by first release.

·         NAB

o   Japanese help files released

o   Discussing next release.

·         TM

o   Lots of cleanup lately.  M4 coming (API freeze)

o   Not as much community feedback as Martin had hoped for.  Had an encouraging call with Ericsson today, and they are interested in participating.

o   Still on track for the release.

·         TmL

o   Just getting started.  Christian is shedding some other tasks right now.

§  Blogging

·         Doug recommends that all of the project leads setup blogs and tie into the Eclipse aggregator.  It’s another communications channel outside of newsgroups and mail.


(for next meeting)


-          Upcoming Events

o   DSDP Japan – Aug 2 (yesterday)

§  Update from Shigeki – perhaps you can send an email update prior to the meeting.

o   Summit Europe (

§  I have submitted a talk (

§  Michael Scharf (WR-rep arch council) will demonstrate TM

§  MTJ plans?  Demonstrations?

§  Other projects?

o   ESC West

§  Submission deadline:  Sept 8

§  Come to the meeting with some ideas

o   EclipseCon 2007

§  2-hr tutorial slot possibility

§  Review of allocations for mobile/embedded track















o   Update on Doug’s press interviews (still not scheduled)

-          IP policy transparency:

o   Discussion

-          DSDP Info center


o   Martin’s instructions:

o   Project plans?

o   Account setup?

-          Transparency in development discussions

o   The importance of “dev” lists, even for developers from the same company.

o   Project visibility and status.

-          Final issues

o   Next scheduled meeting: Sept 7

o   Meeting times with the time zone challenges

o   Face-to-face PMC meeting?

o   Staying connected

o   Other business?







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