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Re: [dsdp-pmc] Meeting: Thurs, Aug 3

I will attend, no problem.

I look forward to meet the full PMC.

talk to you tomorrow.

- christian

Gaff, Doug wrote:

Hi folks,

Something came up for me, so I need to use the second slot (sorry Mark). Many thanks to Christian for getting up early and Shigeki for staying up late. All: there is homework to do before this meeting! Please read the agenda and come prepared. There’s a lot of stuff to go over this time, so we may need to schedule a second meeting.


7:00 AM PDT

9:00 AM CDT

10:00 AM EDT

4:00 PM CEST

5:00 PM EEST

11:00 PM Japan <>


I have created a conference room that will allow more than 5 of us to attend but still allow us to use skype. From skype, call +99008275948062. It’s free, so you won’t need skype credit. If you can’t use skype, here are some other numbers:

Skype: +99008275948062
US: 1-712-432-4000
UK: 0870 119 2350
France: 0826 100 266
Germany 01805 00 7620
Enter Conference Room Number : 5948062

Martin and I tested the quality. It’s not as good as direct skype, but it’s probably usable. If this doesn’t work, I’ll look into other options.


- Introduction to Christian and TmL

- Council follow up

o Read: Come to the meeting with suggestions for additions/corrections to the “embedded device software” section.

- Planning for Europa

o Draft milestones

§ Thursday Aug. 10, 2006 - Milestone 1 (3.3 M1) - stable build
Friday Sep. 22, 2006 - Milestone 2 (3.3 M2) - stable build
Friday Nov. 3, 2006 - Milestone 3 (3.3 M3) - stable build
Friday Dec. 15, 2006 - Milestone 4 (3.3 M4) - stable build

o Participation

§ Milestone planning in July. Project planning in August. First builds in September.

§ Incubation projects can participate – criteria still being established, but see the Callisto requirements ( to understand what the bar was for the last release. Please come to the meeting with comments.

o Updating your project plans and aligning with Europa

§ I think most of our project plans are stale. Now that we’re looking at Europa, we need to get the plans updated and aligned with Europa.

§ Quick status update from all projects

· DD

o DSF commit

· eRCP

o Move to DSDP – infrastructure done?

o Release review?



· TM

· TmL

- Upcoming Events

o DSDP Japan – Aug 2 (yesterday)

§ Update from Shigeki – perhaps you can send an email update prior to the meeting.

o Europa Build Workshop (

§ Registration Deadline: Aug 12

§ Engineer from WR will go, likely someone from TM project.

§ Who else is going? This is an important workshop for getting on the Europa train

o Summit Europe (

§ I have submitted a talk (

§ Michael Scharf (WR-rep arch council) will demonstrate TM

§ MTJ plans? Demonstrations?

§ Other projects?

o ESC West

§ Submission deadline: Sept 8

§ Come to the meeting with some ideas

o EclipseCon 2007

§ 2-hr tutorial slot possibility

§ Review of allocations for mobile/embedded track



























o Update on Doug’s press interviews (still not scheduled)

- IP policy transparency:

o Discussion

- DSDP Info center


o Martin’s instructions:

o Project plans?

o Account setup?

- Transparency in development discussions

o The importance of “dev” lists, even for developers from the same company.

o Project visibility and status.

- Final issues

o Next scheduled meeting: Sept 7

o Meeting times with the time zone challenges

o Face-to-face PMC meeting?

o Staying connected

o Other business?


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