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[dsdp-pmc] DSDP Workshop in Japan


I had talked about DSDP workshop in Japan at last PMC call. There detail
was fixed, now.

So, I need your help to explanation of each sub-projects.

My request is:

1. Please assign Japanese presenter from your company such as WindRiver
   Japan and Nokia Japan.  (IBM Japan for RSE, eRCP?)
   Or let me know the contact person in Japan, I'll explain this event.

2. If you can't assign that then I'll explain your project. Please send
   me project update.

Workshop details:
    - Workshop activity in Eclipse Japan WG.
    - discussion place of DSDP project in Japanese
    - information sharing 
    - requirement gathering 
  - WS activity is based on ML, and regular meeting in every 3 or 4 month.
  - I hope to operate this WS friendly and casually as BOF.

Event details:
Title(tentative): Eclipse Japan WG, DSDP Workshop briefing session
                  (And ecripsecon 2006 reporting session)
Date:  Wed, 02 Aug 2006
Time:  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm JST
Place: Fujitsu HQ in Shiodome, Tokyo

- about Eclipse Foundation
- about Japan WG
- about DSDP workshop
- about DSDP project
- DSDP project update
        - DD project (30 min.)
        - TM project (30 min.)
        - MTJ project (30 min.)
        - NAB project (30 min.)
        - (eRCP project?) (30 min.)
- How to join to Workshop and the Foundation
- (eclipsecon2006 reporting session)

Shigeki Moride

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