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[dsdp-pmc] Re: Trip report: Eclipse Council Meetings


Here's a summary of the architecture council meeting.

- JVM version (1.4 versus 1.5)
  - platform will continue to compile against 1.4
  - 1.5 runtime environment is (already) supported
  - projects are free to decide to use 1.5
  - wiki page with recommendations and pitfalls of migration to 1.5
    of will be created
- Discussions about running eclipse on multi-core processors
  - eclipse is not optimized to run on multi-core
- Common build infrastructure
  - Why do projects use their own incarnation of build? (needs to be
  - People should use common build (but not required to use it)
  - Each project should gather information on
     - problems (pain)
     - things that have been solved (pride)
     - wish list for the eclipse common build
- Common 3rd party plugins
  - a new tools project will be created to host 3rd party plugins
    (like apache tomcat, antlr etc)
  - legal approval required to use on of the 3rd part projects!
===> Questions for DSDP <===

- are we or will we use features of jdk1.5?
- are all DSDP projects currently using the eclipse common build?
  - if not, what prevents us from using it?
  - what would we need in addition?
- are we using any 3rd parry libraries (like apache logging)?


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