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[dsdp-ercp-dev] Include two new methods to eRCP org.eclipse.ercp.ui.workbench


Please take a look at the
enhancement bug :

Since Eclipse 3.1, Eclipse introduces two new methods (setExitOnLastWindowClose() , and getExitOnLastWindowClose() ) in IWorkbenchConfigurer to enhance workbench control.

We'd suggest to include these two new methods to eRCP org.eclipse.ercp.ui.workbench as well.
With these new methods, developers have ability to control workbench closing easily to implement their customized workbench. eRCP org.eclipse.ercp.ui.workbench will become more flexible.
It won't impact the current IWorkbenchConfigurer behavior to have these new methods.
Is there any suggestion?

Thank you


Eric MF Hsu (徐銘法)
eRCP/Lotus Expeditor device development
China Software Development Lab, IBM Taiwan

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