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Re: AW: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP in OSGi standardization

Sorry for my late entry to this topic... I have too much going on at once.

In my view one of the most important aspects of eRCP is it's ability to run the same binary application across various devices and desktops. The eRCP committers have done a great job ensuring this compatibility on the platforms they have been supporting. However, as Jo has commented in his blog, the eRCP committers are not so numerous that they can keep adding support for additional platforms. Other parties who see a benefit in eRCP may step up to provide additional platforms. Will they have as much concern for compatibility? It is certainly easier to provide compatibility and ensure compatibility when there is a spec to implement and a test suite to ensure the implementation is following that spec. That is a prime benefit of standardization.

I'd also like to point out the current situation with MIDP. This Java platform is now shipped in the majority of phones and is the widest distribution of Java in the world. Unfortunately, however, MIDlet applications very often have to be specialized for particular phone models in order to work correctly. The handling of touch vs non-touch devices and various input methods is especially problematic. It is hardly delivering on the promise of "write once/run everywhere".  This is happening despite MIDP being a standard, but I think it is mostly because of some deficits in the UI API. Now that eRCP is starting to gain some traction on phones, I fear it will be coming under pressure to "differentiate" for specific phone models or for the specific needs of service providers and manufacturers. We need to be proactive in ensuring that a standard is at least available so that the development community can rally around the standard and help to offset the differentiation pressure. I for one, only want to write my eRCP apps one time.

So I wholeheartedly endorse proceeding with creating a standard.



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AW: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP in OSGi standardization

eRCP Community,

please allow me to refresh your awareness of the important topic raised
by Gorkem. From my perspective, standardizing eRCP will be of
significant value for mobile adopters of this technology. However,
obviously it implies a great deal of work for those who would be running
the  standardization process.

Do you think standardizing eRCP is desirable? Why? Why not?

Either way, it will be a significant roadmap decision for eRCP.
Therefore any comments, remarks, thoughts are highly appreciated!


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> Betreff: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP in OSGi standardization
> Hello everyone,
> Sometime ago OSGi community and some members of the eRCP
> community have engaged on a discussion on making eRCP a
> standard on OSGi. At this stage, I would like to open the
> discussion of the eRCP standardization to our community at
> large. I am attaching the standardization proposal slides.
> Please examine them and voice your questions, concerns, and
> support for the proposal. If you(the
> community) agrees,  as the next step, proposal will be
> presented to the OSGi board.
> --
> Gorkem

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