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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Multiple Container VMNode

I'm not sure if the usecase is similar enough, but DSF-GDB has support for multiple processes, 
which is done by using multiple containers contexts but a single container VM node (if I remember
You can attempt a similar method.


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Yes, you can display multiple CPUs within the same launch.  You don't necessarily need to create multiple container VM nodes.  You can simply return both contexts as elements from a single container VM node.  Unless the two CPUs have different layout under them, then I think it would make sense to have separate container nodes for them.

Hope this helps,

Chuong, Patrick wrote: 



	I am trying to hookup our debugger using DSF and I am wondering if it is possible to create multiple AbstractContainerVMNode for a single launch? And have the launch dynamically query the backend to discover the number of container for the launch. In our debugger, we need to be able to debug multiple CPUs for a launch and in the past (with CDT) we create a launch for each CPU and I am trying to see if it is possible to have one launch for multiple CPU in DSF.





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