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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] GUI elements redrawing when using Manual Update Policy.

Hi Dimitri,
When in manual refresh mode, the view itself does still repaint.   It's a design compromise, which allows the cache management logic to remain more independent from the logic that generates viewer updates (i.e. model deltas).  I haven't tried to dissect the performance hit of this behavior, because it still satisfies our requirements for the manual mode.  For our customers, what's important is that the IDE does not try to fetch the debug data from the target, because the target could be remote or the connection could be slow (e.g. serial interface).  So in comparison to fetching data from the target, repainting the view is very fast.

If you find that repainting the view is an issue for your use cases, please describe your use case and file a bug.  Disabling the view repaints would complicate the view update logic further, but it's not impossible.


Dmitri Pikus wrote:

Hi All,

I have the following question regarding several GUI elements redrawing when using Manual Update Policy.

I run a loop with breakpoint on instruction inside of the loop.
The breakpoint has Resume action with 0 sec. pause time attached to it.
'Threads Update Policy' is set to 'Manual'; 'Variables' view 'Update Policy' is set to 'Manual'.
Threads in Debug View and variables in Variables View are not updated ('Manual' policy), BUT
- Debug View title is changed to italics and back periodically;
- Debug toolbar items (Resume, Suspend, Terminate etc.) are blinking;
- Variables View title is changed to italics and back periodically;

1. Could a redrawing of GUI elements mentioned make a significant impact on run time of a loop mentioned?
2. I there a way to disable these GUI elements update?


Dmitri Pikus

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