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[dsdp-dd-dev] .project file in DSF cvs folders


In DSF cvs folder  /cvsroot/dsdp/org.eclipse.dd.dsf, there is a .project
file which contains almost nothing. There is also one under "features"
folder and one under "tests" folder. 

For me, those .project files do no good but harm.  Say, I checkout the
org.eclipse.dd.dsf folder to my local drive, then try "Import existing
projects" into my workspace by pointing at that check-out folder. I will
get that bogus project. After removing those ".project" files, I can
import all projects in that folder and its subfolders (features,
plugins, tests)  in one "Import" action. 

So are those .project files really needed ?  If not, could any of you
committers remove them from CVS ?


- Ling

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