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[dsdp-dd-dev] Manual Testing Process in CDT

Hi All,
In the DD project, the we have been using a process to manually test each released milestone.  It has been a very useful method for assessing the quality of a release in areas where automated tests are not available.  It is also a volunteer-based effort where the real goal is to document what is covered by testers, and thus creating more value from the testing that is already being done.

After migrating DSF and DSF-GDB into CDT, I would like to continue having this test cycle process at least for the new components.  To this end I have migrated the relevant wiki pages from DSDP/DD into CDT wiki.
I started this by migrating relevant pages from DSDP/DD into CDT wiki over the last couple of days, and I tried to do this in a way that should allow any other components to incrementally participate in this process.

I first created place holders for a wiki page for each component, which are at the bottom of the main CDT wiki page.  I then created the pages for the incoming cdt-debug-dsf and cdt-debug-dsf-gdb components.  On the component pages, I created two sections relevant for testing: "Features" and "Test Procedures".  The Features section simply lists, under separate headings, the features present in the component.  Each of these sub-sections may contain a description of the feature, a detailed listing of its components, links to N&N or user manual.  In the "Test Procedures" section I copied the actual step-by-step test procedures that could be used to test various features of the component.   I also created a main manual test coordination page.  This page mainly contains a template and links to test pages for each milestone and release, which is to be tested.  On the individual test pages, there is a master-list of all the features in all the components, from which each tester can choose features to test.

To increase the coverage (and value) of this testing effort, all that is needed is a list of features in each component.  Specific test procedures are also useful, but IMO, they are not necessary.  Given the fact that most CDT contributors use CDT in commercial products, which have their own test procedures and test cycles, it would be great if the information from these product's test cycles found it's way back into the common.


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