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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] DD 1.1 Final Build Available

> We rebuilt 1.1 to pick up minor (help context) fixes in the memory 
> component.

I installed the latest build and things look good!
Congratulations everyone!

One thing though, about tne point that Pawel mentioned a little while

> We discovered a day or two ago that a build option which we started 
> using recently (automatically generating source plugins) was causing 
> some confusion in the update site.  Mainly it caused the features to 
> show up duplicated in the available software list and the 
> source plugins 
> and features don't have a provider or name listed in the 
> about dialog.  
> This build still includes the source plugins, but we plan to disable 
> them for the final build.

I still see the following source plugins:
which are missing Provider and Plugin Name.
And the installed software still show duplicates for GDB Launch and

I don't think that is a big deal though, as the functionality is


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