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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] DD 1.1 Release "New & Noteworthy"

the current support of GDB for multi-process (in HEAD) is for targets where all processes share a single address space.  Since this is not the case
for Linux, multi-process does not work for Linux yet.  GDB should have this support by the end of the year or soon after though.
I can put the status and screenshots for multi-process in the N&N and I'll put an clear note that it currently requires a specific type of target.

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Hi Marc,

One section that I did not cover is Multi-Process debugging with GDB.  I wasn't sure what was the current level of support in GDB for this and I had no way of taking any screen-shots.  Also, I got some feedback from Martin O., who is using this doc in a  DSDP overview presentation at Eclipse Summit Europe, that the "Connect" action seemed confusing.  If I remember correctly , the Connect aciton was added specifically to enable mult-process debugging, so having this section would be helpful there as well.  Would you be able at some point to add this section to the N&N?


Marc Khouzam wrote:
Hi Pawel,
this is really nice work!  I think it will make promoting DSF-GDB much easier.  I really like all the screen shots.
I haven't gone through it all yet, but I wanted to point out that I see weird formatting:
1- on Internet Explorer, the Smooth Stepping section is cramped into a 2-word column
2- on both IE and firefox, the line wrap-aroud seems to be for a wide screen and enables a horizontal scrollbar for me
instead of fitting on my square screen.
I'll will read through it more thoroughly, tomorrow.
Again, great work!


From: dsdp-dd-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Pawel Piech
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To: Device Debugging developer discussions
Subject: [dsdp-dd-dev] DD 1.1 Release "New & Noteworthy"

Hi All,
I finally got around to what I should have done months ago: put together
a New and Noteworthy page for DD
This was an unusually big task since we haven't had a N&N before and I
essentially had to do full overview of all the features in DD.  I
covered DSF and GDB in good detail.  However, I don't really have enough
knowledge of the Traditional Memory Rendering and IP-XACT editor, so I
just l added a heading with one screen cap for them.  Ted and Anthony,
if you have the time and motivation, it would be very helpful if you
could fill those sections in.

The main motivation is of course to give users a quick glance of all the
cool features that we've been working.  And the theory is that once we
have this initial overview in place, it will be easy to add incremental
updates in future releases.  Please write back with feedback and feel
free to edit this document directly (in CVS) with updates and fixes.

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