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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Memory service questions

Francois Chouinard wrote:

I didn't experience this problem when the service was designed but things
might have changed since. I will try to reproduce it and come back to you.
Other than opening a memory monitor and scroll it, is there anything special
about your use case?

One problem seems to be that DsfMemoryBlock does not use it's own cache if the update-policy is set to Automatic:

	private boolean isUseCacheData()
		if (fUpdatePolicy.equals(DsfMemoryBlock.UPDATE_POLICY_BREAKPOINT))
			return fUseCachedData;

		if (fUpdatePolicy.equals(DsfMemoryBlock.UPDATE_POLICY_MANUAL))
			return fUseCachedData;

		return false;

This means that the DsfMemoryBlock implementation will invoke fetchMemoryBlock() for each time it's called (and when I dragged the scrollbar, I got something like 1000-2000 identical requests in a row).

Is this a bug, or an oversight?


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