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[dsdp-dd-dev] Eclipse Summit Europe Debugging talk proposal

Hi all,
It appears that my company has room in the travel budget to send me to ESE if I can present a talk. Instead of doing a narrow-focused DSDP/DD talk, I would prefer to present an update on Device Debugging as well as Platform Debug and CDT Debug.
For content I could include:
- Demo of DSF-GDB 1.1 including multi-process and non-stop debugging.
- Demo of synchronized stepping and update modes.

For Platform Debug:
- Demo of Debug view-less debugging
- Demo of Multi-context debugging (multiple view instances etc)... unless something goes wrong in its prototyping. - Anything else?... I could even talk about JDT for completeness if there's anything new to mention.

For CDT:
- Whatever new features are on the table for 5.1
- Talk about contributing DSF to CDT, which we should have a good idea about by then as well.

Please let me know what you think, but the submission deadline is on Monday.

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