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[dsdp-dd-dev] Where to do extra steps before starting GDB

Title: Make GDB process launching customizable in DSF
I'm writing DSF/GDB based debugger for remote debug on a device. Two things I need to do before starting GDB are downloading program to device and starting gdbserver on device.
The approach I take now is to provide my own ServicesLaunchSequence, which subclasses the current ServiceLaunch and adds two extra "Steps" to the beginning of the sequence, one is just to download and the other to start gdbserver.
Yes, it works very well and logically make sense. But I'm not sure if it's in line with the DSF philosophy or fits well to the ServicesLaunchSequence, because the two extra Steps do not actually start any service. 
So if it's not good, what may be the better solution to carry out those extra tasks ?  Yes I can do whatever I like in my own GDBLaunchDelegate subclass, but I want to make full use of the common code in GDBLaunchDelegate and make my own subclass as small as possible.  Maybe adding a new protected method in GDBLaunchDelegate like
    protected void PrepareForDebuggerStart() throws CoreException
Please advise.
- Ling

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