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[dsdp-dd-dev] DSF design question

I was looking at the DSF source code and have some questions about the
overall design:

1. What is the purpose of DsfExecutor interface? It seem to be supposed to
make sure that some things are executed in a single thread, but:
- What things are those, exactly
- Why executing them in a single thread is necessary
For example, looking at AbstractMIControl.processMIOutput, I see that
quite a number of DfsRunnables are passed to the executor. What problem
does that solve?

2. Is there a mechanism to atomically execute a sequence of commands?
By that, I mean that the each next command can be only constructed when
the output of the previous one is known, and we don't want any other
command to be executed until the sequence is fully done?

3. AbstractMIControl.queueCommand will send -thread-select as necessary.
Is there any place where the GDB current thread is reset to what it
was before the command is executed? If not, it seems that the current thread
seen by the user in the GDB console will potentially be different from what
is shown in the UI.


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