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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] RE: [cdt-dev] Sharing launch UI

Yes, but I definitely look forward to see an proposal for CDT 5.1 ;)
Sharing launch configuration UI is something I think is critical to simplifying the debug experience for CDT users and hides them from the debug framework choices integrators make.

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Subject: RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] RE: [cdt-dev] Sharing launch UI

 >  This is pretty much what I had in mind.  But I also think there is room for commonality between CDI and DSF,  
>  such as selecting the executable to launch, though these common tabs would need to be separated from the CDI launch tabs.   
I actually thought about having an empty base launch because I figured you would want to allow any debugger to re-use these
launch configuration type :-)
>  Looking further with this, we could also define more sophisticated remote launch UI which would use RSE to find and configure the target to launch on.  
>  The benefit of such launches would be a standardized UI that both open-source and commercial solutions could build on.
This sounds very exciting.
I assume that it is to late for Ganymede to start this type of change? 

Marc Khouzam wrote:
Currently you can only add/insert tabs to the existing tab group. You 
cannot remove/replace tabs.
Can we have a base launch with no tabs?
Then if the preferred launcher is from the CDT, the CDT tabs would be added,
while if DSF is the preferred launcher, then its tabs would be added.
Any other debugger can do the same by re-using the launch.

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