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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] RE: [cdt-dev] Sharing launch UI

> Do you have an example on how to add/insert tabs within existing tab
> groups for an existing launch configuration type/launch mode
> combination? Is this new for Eclipse 3.4? I know how and where to
> contribute additional launcher for a launch configuration type/launch
> mode, but I must have overseen on how to modify an existing tab group.
> Tab groups are associated with launch configuration types via the
> corresponding extension point, aren't they?

An extension point was added for this in 3.3 - see the 
org.eclipse.debug.ui.launchConfigurationTabs extension point. It allows to 
contribute tabs to an existing launch tab group. You can insert tabs 
releative to existing tabs in the group, based on tab ID. You can 
associated the tabs with a specific launcher (delegate). This is covered 
in the debug tutorial from  EclipseCon, in the "Launching" module.


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