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[dsdp-dd-dev] DD Ramp-down

Hi All,
I created a ramp down policy page on DD wiki:  Please review and raise any issues on the mailing list.  The most important things to note:
  1. API freeze is (was) M6, with no backward compatibility breaking changes after M6.  Backward-compatible API changes are still allowed, enforced by our current peer review policy.
  2. IP-XACT being still in 0.9 in ganymede is exempt from API freezes.
  3. I proposed that we create an R1_0_maintanance_branch after RC1 on May 20th.  This is later than after M7 which we talked about before, so I wonder what you all think about that.  To me it seemed like we would need to perform a lot of double-checkins if we forked right after M7.
  4. I added a section for 1.0.1 maintanance release, but I did not include one for 1.0.2 and I wonder if we'll even need one if we have a 1.1 release in the fall.

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