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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Is there any need for a multi-ContainerMIimplementation?

> > Integrating this in DSF is another question though, as there is some work
> > being done there (although it is currently on hold.)  So, I will leave it
> > to more knowlegeable people than I, to address this question.
> I'm a bit confused now. Are you speaking about integrating non-stop
> thread debugging into DSF or something else? When you expressed your
> interest in multiple top-level contexts above, was it wrt a single GDB
> in non-stop mode or maybe multiple GDBs in the same session? Just to be
> sure what we're discussing...

Sorry about the confusion.
Daniel is right that the CodeSourcery solution for Ericsson will use a
single GDB to handle multiple processes.
However, we will also connect to multiple cores (processor boards) as you do.  
>From what I understand up to now, each of these processor boards, will have
its own GDB.  Therefore, what you have done will be very applicable to Ericsson.

The hope is to have this solution included in DSF.  However, the details of this
are not up to me and the timeframe is unclear for such changes in DSF.  But having
your patches available would surely help this effort move forward.


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