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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Remote Debugging commit

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 01:11:27PM -0400, Marc Khouzam wrote:
> > You've got to use set sysroot in some situations.  For instance, to
> > find ""; loading libraries with dlopen will not be debugged
> > properly if you don't do this, and threads sometimes break too.
> Would this mean that the CDT will have these problems you mention?
> Since it only uses solib-search-path.

Yes, people generally set it by hand in my experience.

> Which does not seem to encourage the use of both.
> Does this mean this is a "per-case" situation and the user would need to choose
> which variable to set?

Using both is fine, especially if sysroot is correct or the target
does not return absolute paths.  But to be honest, I'm not sure how
you are going to set them automatically - I'm very interested to see
what you come up with, as I've been thinking about this problem for
a while.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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