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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Remote Debugging commit

> You've got to use set sysroot in some situations.  For instance, to
> find ""; loading libraries with dlopen will not be debugged
> properly if you don't do this, and threads sometimes break too.

Would this mean that the CDT will have these problems you mention?
Since it only uses solib-search-path.

I would say that I should use both sysroot and solib... to be safe.

But I just found this in the documentation:

`solib-search-path' is used after `sysroot' fails to locate the library, or if the path to the library is 
relative instead of absolute. If you want to use `solib-search-path' instead of `sysroot', be sure to set `sysroot' to a nonexistent directory to prevent GDB from finding your host's libraries. `sysroot' is preferred; setting it to a nonexistent directory may interfere with automatic loading of shared library symbols.

Which does not seem to encourage the use of both.
Does this mean this is a "per-case" situation and the user would need to choose
which variable to set?


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