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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] DSF Remote Debug

About the launch configuration and this debugger tab, can anyone tell me how to change the default debugger in the drow down combo.
Today it's "gdb/mi".


Tobias Södergren XT wrote:
It is "hidden" in the C/C++ Local Application debug type.
If you create a new launch configuration of that type and select the debugger tab, you find the different remote debugging options in the debugger drop-down list. HTH,

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Hi, i have a question about dsdp project..

I have installed dsdp/tm and dsdp/dd plugins (also CDT). I want to use dsdp to debug on remote target. But, in debug dialog, i can see only *DSF C/C++ Local Application *pink icon, what about *DSF Remote Application* ? Isn't is possible yet ?



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