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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Building the dfs eclipse plug-ins

The answer is...

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
Just windows. And then we ran out of "disk" space. I decided that since Windows is by far the most downloaded operating system, it was a reasonable tradeoff.

I'm looking forward to p2 so that we can have packages share files on disk and thus compact the whole thing nicely for next year.

Pawel Piech wrote:
I know there's been a lot of ink spilled on this topic already, but I'm still not clear on one question: What platforms are supported by the packages included on the memory stick? Is it just windows, or is it all of them?
I will also be creating CDs with the tutorial presentation materials, since I obviously didn't complete them in time to include them in the memory stick. I was also planning on including the M5 Ganymede packages and I'll make Linux version of the CDs as well.


Jesper Eskilson wrote:
Pawel Piech wrote:
Thanks Denis,
I'll add that the tutorial at EclipseCon will be using the M5 milestone of Platform, CDT, and DD, all of which will be included on the memory stick handed out with EclipseCon registration. I will do my best to finish the code examples in time to have them included on the memory stick as well, but I don't think I will have the rest of the presentation materials ready in time. So we will likely just hand those out at the beginning of the tutorial.

Just to cover all the bases; will the memorystick include releases for all hosts (Windows, Linux, etc.)?

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