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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] GDB source lookup issues

Hi Pawel and others,
I'm not sure that Elena Laskavaia's issue applies to dsdp-dd:

This is what happens in CDT:

MIBreakInsert[] createMIBreakInsert(LocationBreakpoint bkpt)
	ICDILocator locator = bkpt.getLocator();
	String file = locator.getFile();
	if (file != null) {
		file = new File(file).getName(); // <-- Just using the filename

This is what happens in DD:

void breakpointAdded(final IBreakpoint breakpoint)
	final List<Map<String, Object>> attrsArray = 
		fAttributeTranslator.getBreakpointAttributes(breakpoint, fBreakpointManager.isEnabled()); // <-- Creating attributes
	for (final IBreakpointsTargetDMContext dmc : fPlatformBPs.keySet()) {
		installBreakpoint(dmc, breakpoint, attrsArray, new RequestMonitor(getExecutor(), countingRm));

void addBreakpoint(.., Map<String, Object> attributes, ...)
	String location = formatLocation(attributes) // <-- Using attributes

String formatLocation(..)
	String location = (String)  getProperty(attributes, ADDRESS, NULL_STRING);
	if (!fileName.equals(NULL_STRING)) {
		if (lineNumber != -1) {
			location = fileName + ":" + lineNumber; //$NON-NLS-1$ 
		} else {
			location = fileName + ":" + function;   //$NON-NLS-1$
	return location;

So whatever is returned from the fAttributeTranslator.getBreakpointAttributes(), is used "umodified".

That said, there seem to be a lot of discussion about source lookup issues. Would it be possible to create unit tests that explains the existing problems? I'm having a hard time understanding the all the underlying problem from the discussions on the mailing lists. There seem to be a lot of "common" knowledge of issues which _hopefully_ could be expressed in tests.


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Hi Tobias and All,
I'm want to cross-post the following discussion from cdt-dev, which we mentioned in this mornings DSF-GDB meeting:

It seems that Windows and cross platform development with GDB could be much improved if this source lookup issue was addressed.  If after fixing bug 219920 source lookup continues to be a problem for your use cases, I recommend that you follow up and contribute to fixing this issue in CDT.

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