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[dsdp-dd-dev] PDA-DSF example debugger update

Hi All,
I think I'm done implementating the features of the PDA debugger as far as the EclipseCon tutorial is concerned. All that is left form me to do on it is to clean it up and add copious comments. There are some features which I left out: - data stack view - I didn't think it would necessarily demonstrate anything beyond what existing views do. - run to line - This feature is problematic and will require a workaround in DSF 1.0 and hopefully a new API in platform sometime in the future.
- probably a few others ...

Anyway, the two plugins are checked in under /cvsroot/dsdp/org.eclipse.dd.dsf/plugins, named org.eclipse.dd.examples.pda and org.eclipse.dd.examples.pda.ui. Any feedback will be most welcome.


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