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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] JUnit accessing protected classes

this idea worked great!
I have checked-in a new class under the org.eclipse.dd.dsf.mi.tests plug-in
In this class we can define wrappers for whichever class we need to access from
Thanks for the help.
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Hi Marc,
If possible, I would rather try to avoid changing access protection for sake of unit testing.  But if there's no other way, then I think it's OK.

In this case, maybe you can try this technique first:  MIExpressionDMC has protected access, so other classes in the same package can get to it.  So in the test plugin create a org.eclipse.dd.dsf.mi.service package and add a helper class to it to give you access to the protected methods that you need to get to.  I remember someone recently discussing this technique as a good tool for testing.


Marc Khouzam wrote:
Hi Pawel,
in the context refactoring that you did before the new year, you made the context classes of each service protected.
I forgot how we had agreed to deal with this when the JUnit plugin needed to use these classes.
In my case, the ExprssionService tests need to use MIExpresionDMC specifically, because I want to access
the getRelativeExpression() method which is not in IExpressions.
Did we have a solution for this?

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