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[dsdp-dd-dev] Multicores programs: pin, clone and coloring

Hello everyone,

We (at ST) are developing a prototype of a GUI, based on Eclipse/DSF,
for debugging C/C++ programs that can address multiple processors.
Some views reflect the state of all processors (like the debug one), but
some others (like the variables, expressions or registers view) can
reflect only one processor at a time.
Debug view lists all processors, each of them will have a particular
color (like in the attached image I got from the Eclipse web site while

I want to change the layout of some views (variables, expressions,
registers) in order to have a kind of coloring policy that will make
distinction between views that are tied to a processor or an other.

Here are my questions:
- For variables, expressions and registers views, is there already a
pin&clone feature that allow to tie a view to a particular context ?
(like it is in the console view with the "Display Selected Console" and
"Pin console" buttons.)
- Is there already a possibility to extend some views so that their
layout could be customizable (like using a specific color for a part of
this view) ?

If you answers is "no and no", how could we envisage to contribute to
such features ?

Thanks for your answers.
Denis PILAT / STMicroelectronics / France

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