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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Re: DSDP/DSF build problems

Pawel Piech wrote:
The org.eclipse.dd.dsf.mi.ui is not used anymore in DSF and we have removed it from the nightly build (see bug 212369). We still have the plugin in CVS to preserve the modification history. Although to be honest I have no idea why the bug has the compilation errors that it has. It doesn't have any source in it besides the plugin activator, so there might be something strange going on with JDT.

Soon we are going to rename most of the DSF plugins (bug 213657) to make them compliant with naming conventions and at that point we are going to copy the plugins list to another location to preserve the CVS history, but in this process we are then going to remove this plugin from /cvsroot/dsdp/org.eclipse.dd.dsf, so hopefully that will eliminate this confusion in the future.

The errors are spread out over all the plugins, the error I included was just one of them.

I'll try Martin's suggestion.


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