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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] DD M4 Candidate ready for testing


I have installed M4 and CDT5.0, as well as this DD build.
I also added tests to the test plan:

I passed those tests for the Variables and Expressions views.
The only test that did not pass is the Removal of Expressions in the Expressions view
but we already knew about this (bugs 208928 and 209883).

I also did some rudimentary tests for the General Breakpoints and I found a single problem.
The "Skip all breakpoints button" does not seem to do what I thought it would.  Basically,
I press "skip all" and then I resume the program, but the program still stops on breakpoints.

Finally, it seems that when resuming the program to completion, gdb is not terminated and we must
terminate it by hand (pressing the red square).  I'm not sure it this is normal.

Where should we mark the test results?

Also, I suggest we add to the "Issues and Workarounds page" that the Debug perspective is not
selected automatically when launching DSF.  I was not able to edit the page myself.

Another issue to note is that we need GDB 6.7 for expressions with children to be displayed (except for arrays.)

Let me know if I should look at something else.



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Device Debug M4 Candidate #2:

The source has been tagged with v1_0_0-M4.


Pawel Piech wrote:
> Yes, this is precisely what it was for.  I committed the fix to CVS 
> head.  DSF should now build against platform 3.4 M4, (and won't any 
> more with M3).
> Thanks
> Pawel
> Ted Williams wrote:
>> Pawel,
>> No, it was built against platform M3. (Oops)
>> Does this patch address AbstractVMLayoutNode.ViewerUpdate 
>> getViewerInput()?
>> ted

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