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[dsdp-dd-dev] committer resignation

Title: committer resignation

Hello Pawel et all,
I was handed some direction from my management last Friday that means that I am not going to have any time to spend on SPIRIT/IPXACT stuff for the next 6 months or so.  I have been holding onto DD committer status because I have been planning on contributing effort on the side of IPXACT integration.  Since I cannot do this, I do not think that it makes sense to continue to be hopeful that I can contribute to DD in a meaningful way, at least not right now.  It is a bummer, but there is little I can do until I get some very large projects behind me. 

I remain absolutely convinced that integration between the debugger world and IPXACT is necessary in the future and am still planning on making it happen in Mentor's EDGE debugger.  I just can't say officially when I will be able to.  When I do get around to it I will of course do it under the auspices of DSDP so that everyone benefits.

best regards,

Aaron Spear
Debug Tools Architect/Staff Engineer
Mentor Graphics

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