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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Memory view - pin button

Working with multiple Memory views

You can add additional Memory views to the workbench. To do this, click New Memory View (New Memory View icon). When you have multiple Memory views open, you cannot link their renderings to each other. However, you can pin the contents of a Memory view so that memory renderings that are added to one view do not affect the other view. To pin a memory monitor, ensure that the Pin Memory Monitor button (Pin Memory Monitor icon) in the Memory view is toggled on. If you then go to another Memory view and add a memory monitor, it will show up in both Memory views, however, the memory rendering that is currently displayed in the pinned monitor will not change.

When you add a new Memory view, its Renderings pane will be populated with the memory rendering selection list. From this list, you can select the data format that you want to use for the memory rendering and then click Add Rendering(s).

Gaff, Doug wrote:

Hi folks,


I can’t figure out what the pin button does in the memory view.  Can someone explain it to me?






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