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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Variable View Discussion

Title: Variable View Discussion
ken ++

a couple of things freescale is interested in that perhaps nokia has strong interest in that i think would be valuable to the community.  (you may have already figured out something like this for carbide, but i haven't seen that nor did i see it reflected in the wiki entry you contributed below.)

- "live" variables ... the concept of a variable view that shows variables that are appropriate to the live context, within scopes, as had been done within codewarrior

- extending the "live" variables item, global variables ... global vars separated by a dashed line (cf the bugzilla report: global vars .

++ kirk

Ken Ryall wrote:

After the last meeting I starting informally collecting feedback about what people would like to see in a Variable View for C/C++ and have posted the results at:

This is just an initial collection of design ideas and is intended to provoke discussion. Please respond with your thoughts and as additional ideas emerge I’ll add them to the list.

Thanks - Ken

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