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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Re: [platform-debug-dev] proposal for memory view address bar


"What do you think about allowing the address column to be editable?"

I almost suggested this as a possible solution in my last post. We've
done it in the past. It's a deviation from customary user interface, I

Would all of the address cells be editable? Or only the first? If all
are to be editable, would the entered address become the viewport start
address? Or would the start address be calculated as an offset based on
the position of the edited cell? I don't have a preference, but this
ought to be consistent among renderings. Choose a model and document it?

Even with a consistent model, slight variations in appearance of edit UI
between renderings may result in a less than ideal impression, similar
to that created by mixing swt with swing.

Also, I'm not sure if most users would find editable address cells to be
an obvious form of navigation. Sure, they'll learn, but it's a drawback.

"I still think the address bar solution is more user-friendly approach
for user.  However, given that API freeze is this Friday for 3.2"

I agree. In the next cycle, I'll strive to provide feedback the moment
it becomes welcome. I'm actually surprised by the lack of memory view
feedback. Has anyone else authored a rendering, yet? Does silence
indicate complete satisfaction?

"I just wish to find out why you see a need of replacing the rendering
in the tab."

Sorry for the confusion. This idea was in response to your statement
about API changes being necessary in order to implement a global address
bar. I wondered if it would be possible to tear down the existing
renderings and create new instances at the new memory block as an
alternative to new APIs.


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