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[dsdp-dd-dev] RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] WR Boardfile Descriptions

Hello Aaron,

I'm forwarding your E-Mail to the dsdp-dev and dsdp-dd-dev mailing

I'm glad you bring up the issue of standardized hardware descriptions
again. Yes, this will definitely be a point for discussion in Toronto;
Doug Gaff also got some contact at ARM who's saying that they are 
working on some standardized hardware description format. Doug expects
to have more info by the time of the Toronto meeting.

I'm going to update the TM agenda accordingly on the Wiki; I'd suggest
we do it on Thursday in the DD/TM joint session. 

As you seem to be especially interested and involved, it would be 
great if you could go ahead and drive the discussion further. Is 
it OK if I put your name as presenter for the slot on hardware

To all others: any additional information, existing formats in use,
and other preparation we can bring to Toronto will certainly be

Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver, Austria

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> A little more info: I talked to a colleague of mine in Mentor's SoC
> division about this, and he advised me that we really should look into
> what is happening with the Spirit Consortium.
> They are apparently creating and
> pushing standards for description of hardware IP using an XML schema.
> My friend said they are planning on submitting the standard 
> to IEEE this
> next summer as well.  
> Perhaps it may be possible to join a Spirit working group and 
> piggy back
> our target description efforts.  Or as Martin suggested 
> before, perhaps
> we can create conversion tools from the Spirit schema to something we
> decide on as a standard.  It sounds like we need to get a 
> cohesive idea
> of what we need to see if there is a fit.
> cheers,
> Aaron
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> Subject: RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] WR Boardfile Descriptions
> Martin et al,
> A while back you posted this, and I would like to pick the discussion
> back up.  Is this a topic that others would like to discuss at the TM
> meeting in Toronto?  I have had the intention since you originally
> posted of contributing documentation and some samples of the target
> definition files we use as food for thought as well.  I will try and
> post them in the next week or sp.  I have personally spent many mind
> numbing hours transcribing data sheets that someone at the 
> semi's spent
> many mind numbing hours creating, and would really like to 
> see something
> happen. (anything! please!) 
> Are there any hardware folks on this thread that can speak to the
> existence of relevant standards in the EDA world?  I am sure they have
> standards for specifying to the N'th degree what sorts of access and
> timing restrictions there are for a memory mapped peripheral for
> example, but are there "system level" hardware descriptions that would
> could fit the needs of debugger vendors? (or could be extended)
> Information such as:
> -cores on a target, scan chain id's etc
> -native registers in the core (access restrictions, sizes, processor
> modes that they are visible in, etc) -address spaces -memory maps for
> those address spaces (access restrictions on given regions, e.g. flash
> versus RAM) -memory mapped peripherals (location in memory space,
> registers it
> contains)
> etc
> regards,
> Aaron 
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> Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] WR Boardfile Descriptions
> Hello,
> In the TM session of the DSDP meeting in Chicago, we came to a point
> where we noticed that TM wants to provide a common platform for
> describing the targets (hardware) we are working on.
> Currently, every vendor is doing their own hardware descriptions,
> typically by XML or some other files... they all have to read 
> the specs
> from silicon vendors, and create their own file formats.
> That's a lot of wasted work.
> We are hoping that at some point it might be possible to create a
> uniform "standard" file format, or at least provide some converters
> between various file formats. Ideally, then silicon vendors could
> provide their specifications in the uniform format (or something
> convertible). Silicon vendors could become the "experts" for hardware
> descriptions, users could get patches/updates directly from them...
> lifting off a lot of work from tool vendors like us.
> As a first step, I'm attching a sample and description of the 
> board file
> specification that Wind River is currently using.
> I'd hope that other companies could follow and put their samples or
> descriptions to the table, such that we can get a feeling of what
> features are required from a "unified" format, and find out 
> future steps
> to take.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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