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[dsdp-dd-dev] RE: [platform-debug-dev] AbstractTableRendering - mixed HEX/ASCII

Using the side by side approach, I'm wondering if there is an elegant
solution for scrolling. In a class extending AbstractTableRendering, I
have createControl() returning a Composite containing
super.createControl() and ASCIIRendering.createControl(), with side by
side layout. This works well, but the dual vertical scrollbars look
silly. And, a single horizontal scrollbar should pan the combined tables
(but not the address column, so maybe three tables total). Are you using
a ScrolledComposite?  


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Hi -

We have been displaying the HEX and ASCII rendering side by side for a
long time now.  Please note that we actually create two separate
renderings and have them displayed side by side.
Are you having some trouble doing this?  Or are you trying to display
both HEX and ASCII in the same rendering?


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