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[dsdp-dd-dev] Persisting memory renderings and model-specifc preferences

Hi all -

In order to persist memory renderings and some model-specific preferences
(like the row and column size in table renderings), I had to create new
APIs to have these settings saved by the model. (IPersistableDebugElement)
For more information about the design, please refer to the proposal from
the "Enhancements for the Memory View in Eclipse 3.2" thread.

 After much discussion, we have decided that it was premature to publish
those interfaces as public APIs.   Currently, the debug platform only
persist things that are global.  (e.g. breakpoints, expressions, etc.)
Things that are model-specific like memory blocks or renderings are not
persisted at all.   So, persistence of debug elements and preferences by
debug model is something new for the platform.  We feel that we need more
time to develop the APIs in order to have a more consistent way to save and
restore model-specific elements.

For 3.2, the work for persisting model-specific settings will remain as
internal APIs.  If you decide to take advantage of it, you can use the
internal APIs.  However, there will be migration effort when we make those
APIs public in the future.

If you have any issue with this, please let me know.


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