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[dsdp-dd-dev] RE: [platform-debug-dev] Enhancements for the Memory View in Eclipse 3.2

It looks really good, Samantha. 

There's something that isn't mentioned in the proposal that I'd be
interested to know if you have any plans to work on. And that would be
disjoint memories; that is, memories that that consist of several
contiguous blocks of accessible memory separated by blocks of blocks of
dead addresses that cannot be read or written. The table renderings in
Eclipse 3.1 display all these dead intermediate addresses despite their
inaccessibility. Are there any plans to hide rows that consist only of
non-readable, non-writable memory?

I seem to remember it coming up briefly at the DSDP meeting in Toronto
in July, but I don't remember what, if anything, was decided.


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Hi all -

I have written a proposal to outline some of the enhancements being
planned for Eclipse 3.2  The proposal talks about some of the problems
with the current design and how we are going to address those problems.
Let me know what you think.

(See attached file: Proposal for Eclipse 3.2.doc)


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