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Re: [Dltk-dev] DLTK and RCP.


I've just tried to create simple RCP application that contains only a Tcl Console. It's possible and is relatively easy. The resulting application is too simple, so I'll just describe here key steps: * DLTK Tcl Console is based on top of standard Eclipse console view, so the first step is to add IConsoleConstants.ID_CONSOLE_VIEW view to the perspective, it will require org.eclipse.ui.console plugin. * Now we add tcl.debug.ui plugin and it's dependencies to the application. After that will be able to open Tcl Console within application and it will be fully functional, but there is one important thing: * There should be at least one registered Tcl interpreter in the workspace. DLTK Tcl Console uses standard DLTK interpreters management, so to use console user should configure workspace interpreters first. I see two ways to provide him this possibility: - use the standard Tcl interpreter preference page from DLTK. It's located within tcl.debug.ui plugin, but as "category" it has a "org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.preferences". This page is located within tcl.ui plugin, but I think that you don't need all the stuff from tcl.ui. So you can just create a simple plugin that will add empty "org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.preferences" page, allowing interpreters page to be shown. Or may be you'll find tcl.ui things like editor useful, then everything is ok and you should just add tcl.ui plugin to your application. - write your own preference page or probably use any other way for interpreter configuration. But this way is pretty hard and requires understanding of how interpreters management works in DLTK.

Mikhail Kalugin

Gilad Margalit wrote:

Hi Andrey,


From reading about DLTK, and using it within my eclipse IDE, I’m exiting to try and use it within my RCP.

I’m developing an application that is being activated from a GUI (Eclipse RCP) and a TCL shell.

The TCL shell exposes “GUI” operations, enabling users to work from a CLI (Write scripts, save and re-run the scripts).

It could be nice to combine the two together.

User will open a TCL Console (DLTK) from within the GUI; the user can write command or run scripts from the console.

The TCL Console can be the same as the DLTK console within the IDE.



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Hello Gilad,

Could you please describe some use-cases for console within your RCP application, so we’ll better understand a type of stuff you’re looking for as well as provide examples.

Kind Regards,


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Couldn’t find it...

Can I use a DLTK console within my RCP product?

If so, are there any available examples?



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