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[Dltk-dev] How to build DLTK on local machine?



Is there any document about how to build DLTK? I tried to build it on my local machine, and met the following problems.


1.       Check out code using CVS in Eclipse. The module is org.eclipse.dltk. and the tag is “HEAD”

2.       Run releng.dltkbuilder/build.xml as ant build.

3.       It prompted that some directories are missing. So I made directories manually. Are these directories should be created automatically or manually?

For example: /home/ workspace/org.eclipse.dltk/releng.dltkbuilder/build-dltk-R1.0-I/workdir/fetch_org.eclipse.dltk.python.xml (No such file or directory)

[build-dltk-python] Total time: 0 seconds

4.       Some environment variables are not set. I just guess the meaning and set them as following.

export buildBranch=RC4_33

export LOCAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES_DIR=/home/chwang/dltkworkspace/org.eclipse.dltk/releng.dltkbuilder

export BUILD_HOME=/home/workspace/org.eclipse.dltk/releng.dltkbuilder

export BASEOS=linux

export BASEWS=gtk

export BASEARCH=x86

export OS=linux

export CAL_PREREQS_CACHE=/home/workspace/org.eclipse.dltk/releng.dltkbuilder/builders/RC4_33/org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder/plugins/

export LOCAL_PREREQS_CACHE=/home/workspace/org.eclipse.dltk/releng.dltkbuilder/builders/RC4_33/org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder/plugins/

export JAVA_5_HOME=/home//program/jdk1.5.0_12

5.  How to fix this problem? releng.dltkbuilder/scripts/dependency/build.xml:80: no protocol: ${eclipse.url}/${eclipse.file}.


Is there anything wrong with my build method? And can someone tell me what’s the exactly meaning of those environment variables, and if there are more variables should be defined?

And any document about building DLTK?


Best regards,


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