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Re: [Dltk-dev] Ruby Debugging

DLTK version:  0.9.1v20070710

OS Version:  OS X 10.4.10

Ruby Version:  1.8.6

Java version (SE JRE):  1.5.0_07

I'd be glad to submit a bug report if it's truly a bug. I might just not be using it correctly.

On Jul 25, 2007, at 5:02 AM, Andrey Platov wrote:

Hi Dan,

Debugger should work, please provide DLTK version you're running, your OS,
java and ruby versions. Ideally please file a bug or respond to the

Kind Regards,

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Is the ruby debugger working? I have breakpoints set but the debugger
never seems to drop into them. Shortly after starting the debugger my
script terminates.

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